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In 2017 I set my word as ‘Ellie-vation.’

Elevate, I certainly did.


It was a year of harsh edges with soft landings.

Doors closing and new ones opening.

Getting ridiculously real about what I truly wanted and honouring my deepest calling.

Stepping up, stepping up again and then stepping up some more. Not always with the ease or grace I would have liked, but stepping up regardless.

It was also the year I stopped people-pleasing, stopped doing what I thought I wanted and started living out my own version of success.


Truly stepping into what fulfillment looked like for me and owning the person I had become.



My core desired feelings/themes for the year were:


  •      Removing fear of the unknown.
  •      Taking ‘the big leap’ (twice).
  •      Connection.
  •      Creativity.
  •      Abundance.
  •      Transformation.
  •      FREEDOM.


The highlights…



  •      In April I was promoted to Strategy Team Lead at a private communications agency in Perth. In other words: the ultimate job I’d always dreamed of in my hands.. I felt overjoyed, managing the most incredible team of women and achieving something I didn’t know was possible
  •      Facilitating social media workshops throughout the year through this corporate job. My ability to teach, educate and present expanded (with a lot of learning in the process).
  •      In December, the dream job was no longer the dream, and I left. Something bigger had emerged and grown beyond my expectations.


Which leads me to…




  •      I started the year studying life coaching with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, while also having a consistent roster of coaching clients.
  •      In March, I completed my training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (and then later in the year became fully certified), upping my business to the next level. This also included the most incredible celebration at the Inspiration Day in Brisbane!
  •      I launched my website and spent time blogging. This totally nourished my soul, given that writing is one of my first and greatest loves. More of this in 2018 #pleaseandthankyou 


In October, a breakdown led to a breakthrough. This saw me spiral into a full on fear-frenzy, not knowing what I was ‘leaping’ into after I resigned from a job that no longer served me.

That soft landing I was talking about? Straight into the arms of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy to run their social and content, in addition to growing my coaching business.

The ultimate leap into my dream reality (that I had manifested in a life-script less than 6-months prior).




  •      We brought in the new year in Sydney with a group of friends and had a beautiful week in Bondi.
  •      Prior to Brisbane for the Inspiration Day I spent an incredible week in Seminyak, Bali celebrating a beautiful bestie’s 30th birthday.
  •      In September, Chay and I spent the most magical, love-filled, indulgent three-weeks in Italy. I’m calling it – it was the best holiday I’ve ever had. Total bliss and everything unravelling as it was meant to. Heaven.
  •      We also had a few days in London tacked on, where we got to spend time with some of our besties and explore my old home (I lived in London for 2 years in my early 20s).
  •      In November, there was a rendezvous in Melbourne for another bestie’s wedding, and a super fun weekend with friends in a cute little AirBnb.
  •      There were also some hiking trips in the first half of the year, camping trips in the second half and many trips to the ocean in between.




  •      In October we moved into what can only be described as our dream beachside apartment. I asked the universe for “the exact same apartment that we were currently in, but oceanside.” The universe delivered. Same builders, same layout, new (ultimate) location in Fremantle.
  •      In amidst some big mental and emotional shifts and changes on the career and business front, I began prioritising my health more than ever before. I moved my body more after having some lower back challenges, prioritised yoga and meditation, and even took up a new cardio work out that I’ve developed an obsession with  – Bike Bar (similar to ‘Soul Cycle’).
  •      I took a month off the vinos and replenished my liver with ‘Dry July.’ An experience I plan to continue to do every year.





While writing about my 2017 achievements feels amazing, you might have noticed it was a little hectic for the most part.

This year I’m calling in…

More ease.

Soulful connections. In fact, my word for this year is SOUL. If it’s not a HELL YES from my soul, it doesn’t happen. Period.

A new level of abundance in my life and business.

More free gifts for you, my beautiful community. I can’t even tell you how much I love you.

More creation.

New packages and offerings.

Travel. With Beautiful You, with Chay and perhaps even one or two solo trips to visit friends.

Kindness. Mostly to myself.

A new level of awareness and connection to self, overall.

It feels like the stepping up isn’t going to stop anytime soon, and I’m delighted about that.


And how about you, beautiful? What are you excited to call into your life in 2018? 

I’d love for you to tell me about it. I really feel that there will be big things coming from this community in 2018!! 

As always, thank you so much for being here. This community and my clients were, without a doubt, my favourite part of 2018. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love,








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