At the time of posting this blog I’m in my final week of my corporate full-time job.

What a year it’s been.

If you had asked me at the start of this year if this is where I would end up at the end of 2017 I would have laughed. But it turns out things can happen much faster than you expect them to when you are on the right track.

While I have absolutely LOVED my corporate day job, I knew prior to this year that there was more I wanted to do and achieve. The coaching world was calling.

I know so many of you have side hustles or are building businesses and have asked the question yourself – when do I know that it’s time to leave corporate/my full-time job?

The first thing I want you to know is that this process is different for everyone. What was my story might not be yours, but hopefully there will be parts of my experience that resonate for you.

This is how I knew it was time…


No time left for my business


In about September of this year I started to feel like I was building the right kind of momentum I needed in my business. The phone was ringing (or in online business terms, my email and social media was buzzing) and I was taking on more discovery calls and signing up clients.

However, for every step forward I took I felt like I was then taking two steps back. I wasn’t able to keep up the momentum and continue to scale the business effectively. I started to feel resentful of my day job and was viewing it as something that got in the way of me having the time to work on my business, rather than the enabler it had been previously by providing me with a great income, leadership opportunities and marketing skills.

I was already working every night and weekend, I was barely ever seeing friends and I had outsourced everything else I possibly could (including cleaning and administrative jobs in my biz). I felt like I’d hit a brick wall when it came to moving forward, and I felt helpless and like I had exhausted all options. This was the first warning sign that something had to change.


I wasn’t showing up as my best self


Because I was resentful that I couldn’t spend more time working from my laptop at home doing what I really loved, I could feel myself starting to show up in my shadow-self (the not-so-nice part of me) more and more. I was niggling at Chay, not eating as well, and feeling like I was wearing two masks. Ellie the Strategy Team Lead in corporate is different to Ellie the Life Success Coach, and showing up FULLY as both started to wear me down. I’ve since been told by women within my team in corporate that I didn’t appear to be showing up this way, so perhaps it was more of a feeling that anything else, but what I do know is that I never felt like a whole or complete version of myself or that I was serving anyone to the best of my ability. I felt like my metaphorical cup only had one mouthful left in it, and I was in a constant internal battle about who needed that last mouthful most (my coaching clients, my corporate team, my corporate clients, myself, Chay, my family – the list goes on).


I DECIDED it was time


I knew that change wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t first decide that it was time for it. I had to tell myself I was going to take the leap and then create a roadmap for myself. This was hard, as my goals for this year hadn’t included leaving my corporate job (I saw that happening in 2018 or 2019) so my inner critic/mean girl loved to tell me I was jumping the gun and being TOO keen and eager, and that it wasn’t going to work out for me.

I lovingly had to push that inner critic to one side and restructure my goals to fit my new reality.


Isn’t it the ultimate when something starts to unfold in a way that is even bigger and better than you expected? (Side note: I see this happen with my clients ALL the time when they start to show up for their big dreams).


I started chasing new opportunities


This change didn’t happen because I sat back and manifested it. I took massive action to make this shift, including seeking out new projects and opportunities to move me into the life I have been working towards.

There was a real ‘messy middle’ during this period. Having begun conversations about leaving my day job but not exactly knowing what my future looked like was really challenging. There were a lot of limiting beliefs that kept coming up (WHY are you doing this? Why are you being so UNGRATEFUL? You day job is AMAZING, people would kill for this role!), and there were times I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was having a panic attack.

Looking back, I know those challenges were meant to exist to keep me grounded and really clear about what I wanted moving forward. It’s been a big few months, but I already feel like this shift is one of the best I’ve ever made.


If you have considered a side-hustle or business for yourself, ask yourself – what is holding you back? The possibilities really are endless if you put the work in and keep dreaming big.

Much love,






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