If you’re anything like me, we have a tendency to start planning our next calendar year without taking the time to first reflect on the year prior, and all the learnings + lessons that it gave us. This blog post will help you do just that – intentionally.

The aim is to take this information and the learnings and weave it into your planning and intention-setting process for 2018. I’ll take you through that part of my process in next week’s blog post.

All you need is a laptop, or pen and paper, your calendar handy from the last year and a quiet space with a few hours of time. Great tunes and a cup of tea or glass of vino also recommended but not essential! 😉

Let’s kick off…



The month-by-month reflection


Go through your calendar (and use your memory as best you can) to pull out the highlights from each of the 12 months of the year. Nothing is too big or small if it had meaning to you. It could be anything from a beautiful weekend with friends, to a holiday, a shift in your business or job that had a lasting impact, or a mood or internal transition that impacted you moving forward.


Review your intentions


Did you set any new year’s resolutions? Intentions? Goals or plans for the year? Dust those off and see how you did. Did you achieve your goals? Did your plans change? Did you adhere to your intentions? Make some notes on these and see what comes up for you. It may be that you had the year you anticipated you might, or things could have shifted significantly. Whatever the case, remain judgement free and be kind to yourself as you review where you are at right now versus at the start of the year.


Note down what you’re proud of


Go through each area of your life and write down the shifts, changes or achievements that you’re proud of. Perhaps you launched a new product or service this year. Perhaps you were very generous in your relationships and spent quality time with loved ones. Perhaps you propelled your business forward by taking consistent action, or flexed your self-care muscle by looking after yourself more than you ever have. I want you to challenge yourself to write down 10 things you achieved in the last year. That’s right – TEN! The reason I want you to list out so many is because it is 100% possible that you accomplished 10 wonderful things in the last year, no matter how big or small they might be. This one might take a little longer, but persevere and allow yourself to celebrate how incredible you are and all the wins – big and small – that have happened throughout the year.


Consider what didn’t quite work


Whether you set goals or not, you will likely know the things in your life that haven’t quite worked for you this year. Be really honest with yourself here. Did you not go to yoga as much as you told yourself you would? Are you still working six nights a week and not making time for your friends and partner? Did fear hold you back from propelling yourself forward in your business or side hustle? Write these down too.


Make notes for the future


During this process you will likely naturally start to think about the following year. Keep a separate page for anything that comes up that might be a goal, an intention or an action for  the following year.

Last of all, take a moment to sit with everything in front of you and celebrate how damn incredible you are for achieving so many amazing things in another year. We are so quick to beat ourselves up for not doing or achieving enough, but I really want you to look through the lens of positivity as much as possible and focus on what DID work and what you ARE proud of.

I’ll leave you to celebrate your wins until next week, when we dive into the PLANNING!

Till then lovely lady, have a beautiful week.





Pps. Have a best girlfriend who might like to do this reflection exercise with you? I’d love for you to share it with them. It’s also always more fun to do it with a friend! x





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