As we move into the countdown to Christmas, you are probably feeling a big ol’ whack of enthusiasm towards getting #allthethingsdone each week before 2017 comes to a close.

However, it’s been a long time since you set your yearly goals at the start of 2017. In fact, you might feel like those goals have changed, morphed or evolved. A lot can happen in 10 months. You might have even plotted a very different course to the one you thought you might take this year.

There is absolutely no need to be disheartened if this is the case, lady! There are still more than 10 weeks left of this year, and while you might feel disconnected or ready to throw in the towel, you still have a big chunk of time left to take control of your weeks and really move forward in your life and/or business ahead of 2018.

I’ll save my strategy for how to set goals for another post because today I’m delivering what you asked for over on my Instagram stories this week (a huge thank you if you voted in the poll!). In this post we are going to get really tactical to enable you to achieve what you truly want to achieve in your week. I’ve been planning out my weeks for years and sitting down each Sunday night to embrace the process gives me all the heart-shaped eyes, so I’m super excited to share my 4-step process with you.

Got your cup of peppermint tea or glass of vino in hand? Let’s do this…
Ellie Swift Life Success Coach

Step 1: Get intentional


Before you even open your calendar, I want you to close your eyes for a moment and think about how you want to show up this week.

Ask yourself:

How do I want to feel this week?

What do I intuitively know I need to do this week to move myself forward in my life or business?

Then take a moment to scribble down your responses to these questions, and any thoughts or insights that might have come up. From these insights, you will then set your intention for the week. That is – What do I truly want to focus on this week?

Some examples of intentions could be:

  • Focused and inspired
  • Productive
  • Considered and kind to myself
  • Motivated
  • Energised
  • Creative

This is your starting point. This is the defining word or word(s) that will help you plan your calendar.

Simultaneously, at this point take note of how you’re feeling energetically. I highly recommend the work of Claire Baker and her ‘Adore Your Cycle’ e-book to understand how your energy might shift depending on your menstrual cycle. This is really important because you don’t want to over-extend yourself or be planning out a week that isn’t aligned with the energy of your body. For example – I know that if I’m pre-menstrual I don’t want to have too many social engagements in my calendar as I’m going to be left feeling really drained and lethargic. Ask yourself what you can do to fill up your energy tank, rather than deplete it.


Step 2: Assess your calendar


Let’s get real for a moment. If you want to achieve all the amazing things you have the ability to achieve, you MUST put them into a schedule. This is a huge part of taking ownership of how your week looks.

My personal preference is to keep it all digital in an Outlook calendar. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the digital or print option for this, as long as you have one place where your schedule lives. If you have a corporate job, you might keep those two calendars separate. It’s worth experimenting with what feels right for you. 

If you follow this process weekly, at this point you should be staring at a calendar that already has activities within it. Now it’s time to colour code your activities into categories.

You can use whatever colours work for you. The colours I choose are:

  • Dark purple – Coaching work
  • Blue – Consultancy work
  • Pink – Errands
  • Light green – Family & friend time
  • Dark green – Exercise
  • Light purple – Self care


Step 3: OWN your calendar


This is the crucial step. You currently have a calendar that might have been pre-populated over the previous few weeks with bits and pieces that have come up in addition to your regular day-to-day schedule (work, yoga, that regular catch up with your girlfriends on a Tuesday night, etc).

But if your intention is, for example, to be really productive with your side hustle that week, you might not currently have a week that sets you up for success.

It’s time to change that.

This is where you go through and add in the pockets of time you need to move your life or business forward, in line with your intention for the week.

For every few big periods of ‘action’ activities, I like to schedule in time for self care. Scheduling in a bath, couple of hours to read on the couch or early night is JUST as important as the action-based tasks. It actually took me a really long time to realise that I need to support my yang energy with its yin counterpart. Nurturing ourselves is so important if we want to achieve our own version of success.

Note: there are pockets in my calendar of * absolutely nothing *. I don’t want to look at my calendar and feel overwhelmed, but rather supported and in charge of my week. That includes giving myself pockets of time where there is absolutely zilch planned. 

Well done lovely – your week is now your own!


Step 4: Surrender 


I know this sounds incredibly counter-intuitive, but stay with me for a moment while I explain.

The only thing sexier than being organised is not being OTT about being organised. There is a fine line between being organised and obsessive. Remember: so many of the most beautiful, creative, inspiring times in our lives come from being spontaneous and flexible (and FUN!)

The process should be a joyful experience, not an additional stress in your life.

Some final thoughts…


I was listening to an Amy Porterfield episode this week with accountability and productivity expert Carey Bentley on her podcast ‘Marketing made Easy’ (Side note: I listen to this podcast RELIGIOUSLY) and a sentence Carey said really stuck with me:

Focusing on getting things done is the ultimate superpower in life.


How good is that? I totally agree that if we want to get ahead, the biggest superpower we have is to show up and do the work consistently.

Here’s to planning an incredible week in your own life. Comment and let me know if this has inspired you to revolutionise your own process or create one that looks more like this. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for being here,

Ellie xo

6 Comments on How to OWN your week

  1. Keely Merrett
    October 9, 2017 at 6:53 am (2 years ago)

    Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us! I have a terrible tendency to keep my schedule in my head and think I have it planned but actually it just leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I love that you leave spaces in your calendar for nothing. I’m going to give that a go 🙂 I’m also going to read Claire’s book. I certainly have weeks where my energy is lower and I expect to be as productive as higher energy weeks. This leads to a lot of internal frustration!

    Have a wonderful week

    Keely 🙂 xx

    • Ellie Swift
      October 10, 2017 at 8:33 am (2 years ago)

      Thanks for your beautiful comment, Keely. Yes – that can be very overwhelming! I find when I get it out on paper I feel SO much lighter. It also allows you to unpack the tasks and prioritise the most important ones.

      I’ve recommended Claire’s e-book to quite a few clients and friends and they all swear by it now. So interested to hear what you think! xxx

  2. Nicole Perhne
    March 8, 2018 at 9:08 am (1 year ago)

    GREAT post Ellie. I love the suggestion of practical tactics and actions we can take, whilst also bringing in feelings and intention setting into planning our week. A refreshing approach.

    I also agree that Claire’s book is a really great tool for learning how to manage our energy and productivity levels around our cycle.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Nicole x

    • Ellie Swift
      March 8, 2018 at 11:28 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks so much Nicole! So appreciate that feedback, and a big hell yes to Claire’s work! It has been such a game-changer for me! xx


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