Do any of the following questions sound familiar to you?

How am I supposed to balance a side hustle with a full-time job?

How do I fit in a day’s work, cook dinner, call my mum, spend time with my girlfriends, be a loving partner and still have enough energy for my side project?

How do I ‘do it all’?


The short answer to that last question: you can’t. Simple as that. But we will go into this further later on.

If one or more of these questions has entered your mind at some point, then you’re in the right place. Grab a cup of tea or vino and get cosy, because we are about to talk through the insider secrets of how to manage your side hustle with your day job without experiencing overwhelm.

These tips merely stem from my own experience of leading a team of women in a full-time marketing strategy role, while also growing my coaching business. They are all things I’ve discovered along the way (sometimes through a lot of trial and error!) that I hope will make your journey a little simpler than mine has been.

Let’s dive in…

Ellie Swift Life Success Coach




The first thing you will need to do is get super clear on what the main priorities are in your life. It is impossible to have every single ball juggled perfectly if you don’t determine which ball requires more of your time and which tasks are higher up the priority list. For me, when I started coaching and undertaking the Beautiful You Coaching Academy training I knew that my life needed to change to fit these new priorities. I reached out to my friends and family and told them to bear with me for the next 6 months while I embarked on my new adventure. I was really honest that I wouldn’t be able to be as social as usual and that I would be studying on weekends. Because I was proactive in having those conversations they all understood and were SO supportive of my new ventures. Win, win.


Carve out the space


Take your priorities and craft your diary to match. I sit down every Sunday and look at what I have pre-planned for that week (i.e. work, any one-offs like a wedding or family commitment) then I block out my priorities around that. I wrote an entire blog post about this that you can read here.


Spend your time wisely


There are so many things that I just simply don’t do anymore because the task isn’t a priority or is a time vacuum (remember what I said earlier about not being able to do it all? This is where we address the myth that you can). For example, I rarely watch TV or movies. I also avoid mindless scrolling on Instagram and Facebook. I also don’t read anything that doesn’t directly or indirectly help me be a better coach or marketer, unless I’m on holidays. This still means the content I have in my life is SUPER broad but you wont find me sitting watching videos of baby animals or cat memes for 10mins each day – it just feels like wasted time and energy. That said, if any of these things give you maximum enjoyment or pleasure then you shouldn’t give them up! The key is not to sacrifice the things you LOVE, it’s about only doing the things you either want to do as part of your priorities or the things that give you that beautiful dopamine hit (in other words, make you feel sublimely happy!)


Take care of yourself


I know you will have heard this before, but I’m still always surprised at how many people live their lives in a way where they don’t take care of themselves properly. Self-care is my religion. My BIGGEST non-negotiable is sleep – I can’t function without 8 hours. I never, ever prioritise anything above sleep. Ever. About 80% of what goes into my body is super nourishing and nutritious, and I stop and check in with myself every single day with a gratitude and meditation practice. I can’t function if I don’t do these things. Find YOUR non-negotiables and make them part of your daily rituals. They don’t need to be hugely elaborate 3-hour morning routines (I don’t do those), but they just need to be the things that fill up your tank so that you’re embracing everything you do heart first.


Quick fire tips


  • Be really mindful about what you ‘consciously consume’ and what is considered ‘active procrastination’ – the information you are consuming that is keeping you from creating the work that will propel you forward. The difference might often be very subtle. For example, sometimes we might be reading a book or listening to a podcast on a topic that we already know quite a lot about. Continual learning on that same topic might be something we do because we are a little bit frightened to put that new knowledge into practice.
  • Know your limits and learn to say ‘no.’ I’ve said ‘no’ so often lately and I haven’t had anyone want to cut me out of their life as yet. The best part is once you do this a few times it will become a habit and you won’t say ‘yes’ at the drop of a hat without first consulting whether it’s truly right for you or not.
  • I know this is often frowned upon, but I multitask like a boss and highly recommend it. Podcasts while driving and cooking, phone calls with family while walking, emails while meal prepping. It works for me.
  • Keep your partner in the loop. Share your goals, plans and strategies with them. You can’t expect them to support you on your journey if they aren’t fully aware of what you’re doing and included in some way.


A final note – there may come a time where the scales tip so fully that it’s impossible to manage it all. When that time comes, it’ll be really important to honour yourself and know that something has got to give. What’s the point of creating a beautiful side baby if you burn yourself out in the process?

In Part 3 we will take a look at the processes and systems I use in my business to keep the cogs turning seamlessly. Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter below to get it first!

As always, thank you so much for being here. I am so grateful.

Much love,
Ellie xo

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