I’m so glad you’re here.


You’re ready to move yourself or your business forward in a new direction. One that makes you feel inspired and fulfilled. The only problem is, you don’t quite know how to make it happen.


It’s time to truly step into your power.


You have created (or are in the process of creating) a beautiful online business. You know it’s time to move beyond your fear of being seen so that you can truly step into your role as solopreneur and SHINE. You need a strategy, accountability and some serious know-how to attract the RIGHT clients.


That’s where I come in.


I’m Ellie Swift: Certified Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, writer & speaker. I work with ambitious women who are ready to share their unique blend of magic with the world and TRULY be seen, so that they can connect authentically with their customers online (and grow their heart-centred businesses!)

With a decade in digital and traditional marketing (and specialism in social media), I combine my own personal experience managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with my coaching skills to offer two types of online one-to-one coaching: Success Mindset Coaching to support you to cultivate a success mindset and develop radical self-belief that will transform your external reality , and Business Marketing Coaching to grow and build a thriving service-based business.



Whether it’s success in your life or your business, I have the skills, experience and strategic knowledge to support you to achieve the results you most desire.