Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach
Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach
Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach

Hello lovely lady.


You’re here because you’re seeking more than what life is currently giving you. I know that feeling.

You have a fierce determination and an inner knowing that you have the ability to achieve more, even though by society’s standards you have achieved a lot already. I’ve been there too.

Your internal compass is pointing in a new direction, but the guilt and fear that stirs up within you makes it difficult to move forward at the rate you normally would. It’s hard to do it alone.


Perhaps some of the following ring true for you:


  • Have you spent most of your life people pleasing and doing what looks great on paper, rather than asking yourself what feels great for you?
  • Is there an inner voice telling you that you have the ability to do and be more, but you keep shutting it down because the idea of stepping up is just too frightening?
  • Are you afraid of what other people think, being judged or what might actually happen if (heaven forbid) you actually did find success beyond your wildest dreams?


I am a Life Success Coach, marketer, writer and speaker. I work one-on-one with ambitious women seeking more from their lives – whether it’s leveraging their existing career, carving a new path entirely, or unearthing their highest potential to live a life of true fulfilment.


I’m here to empower and inspire you to move towards your own definition of success – one that incorporates all areas of your life. I will be in your corner supporting you as you dance with the fear, own your worth and take action towards your goals.

So how did I get here?


Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach

I set off from Australia, armed with a Bachelor of Mass Communications in public relations and journalism, to embark on a career in communications and marketing. This led me to London, then Sydney and Perth, with a range of perceivably ‘enviable’ clients that enabled me to work across both traditional PR and digital marketing.

Once back in Australia, on paper I had everything I could want. An amazing career. An incredible man that had just come into my life (and has thankfully stayed with me in a love bubble ever since). Endless adventures. And don’t get me wrong, the gratitude I have for these things is off the charts! But something was missing. I felt immense guilt for wanting more, but deep down I knew I needed to make a change to find more meaning, personal satisfaction and true fulfilment.

+ I enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and began utilising my existing experience and deep understanding of people, coupled with my new skills, to start one-on-one coaching.

+ I spent late nights writing, many hours coaching and began sharing my authentic self with the world. In doing so, I let go of my fear of being seen.

+ I spent more time with the people that energise me, rather than zap me of my energy, and learnt the power of saying ‘no’.


I’ve since spent the last year consistently coaching women through word-of-mouth alone, with incredible results. I’ve learnt that there is nothing quite like referrals to kick-start your business.

The personal bits


Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach


+ I genuinely love people, and have been blessed with an ability to see most things in life through the lens of positivity.

+ I grew up on boats, and am happiest boating, biking, camping and swimming (I honestly believe so much can be fixed with salt water – whether it’s a good cry, sweat or the sea).

+ I started the entrepreneurial journey young, selling Tupperware when I was 18 years old because I saw an opportunity to target the niche I knew well that no one my age was doing at the time – singles who flat share and are time poor. It was a lucrative 18 months.

+ I love personality profiling, desire mapping and star signs (Virgo lady here!)

+ I’m on the extrovert end of the introvert scale, and need a lot of alone time to process what’s happening around me, but still love nothing more than face-to-face connection.

+ Nothing is clearer than when I write it down. Equally so, nothing is better retained or more enjoyable to consume than beneath the pages of a good book.


What do I know for sure? 


I know that living a life that excites and inspires you every day is entirely possible.

I also know the immense power of having someone in your corner as you go about making these changes for the better. 


This is where I come in as your coach. 


My coaching blends wisdom gathered on my own path towards fulfilment, with my communications expertise and my training as a Life Coach. It would be an honour to partner with you on your dreams.

If this story and information sings to you, then I’d love to hear from you. Find out how you can work with me here, or drop me a line at ellie@ellieswift.com for more on my coaching packages.


Ellie Swift Life and Business Marketing Coach