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2024 Strategy & Marketing Predictions for Coaches, Creatives & Consultants

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In today’s episode, I want to share with you my 2024 strategy and marketing recommendations for coaches, consultants, and creatives. I’ll speak about my personal experience in the market and also the conversations that I’m having with clients at the moment. 

1. A Shift Towards Authentic Connections
Showing up genuinely and organically resonates with audiences, creating meaningful engagements. Real-life situations make us relatable. Let your audience see parts of your life; share your lifestyle, your experiences, your highs, and lows. 

2. Long-Form Content and Engaging Storytelling
Interestingly, we are moving back towards long-form content. Rather than snappy soundbites, audiences are seeking depth, wanting to read more about others’ unique perspectives. The more AI-produced content we see in the world, the more people crave the human element. Making space for unique storytelling in your content will make you and your brand stand out. 

3. People who follow the process, get the results.
Last year came with an economic downturn that caused stress for all business owners. The ones I saw succeeding were the people who kept a clear head and stuck to their business foundations. It can be tempting to use shortcuts for a quick win, but the real success comes when you consistently follow the process, proving its credibility over time.

4. Creative Brand Strategy Trends
Visual appeal and aesthetics matter tremendously in today’s digital world. Keeping up with trends, exploring new aesthetics, and leveraging them in your outreach or campaigning strategy can help you better connect with your audience. I’ll discuss current trends, and how to keep yourself up to date. 

5. Importance of Building Relationships
Relationship marketing is making a comeback, be it sales calls, website interactions, or face-to-face client dealings. Building meaningful relationships also creates essential touchpoints to revisit later. Businesses prioritizing relationships within sales and marketing strategies are expected to thrive in the coming years.

6. Excellence in Delivery and Specificity
Lastly, but most importantly, businesses need to aim to deliver excellence. Possessing a specific, unique value proposition is essential but so is being able to deliver it exceptionally well. Nurturing relationships, delivering high-quality services, boasting unique selling points, and sharing successes will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Make delivering an exceptional service your priority to ensure a successful 2024.

Here’s to a year filled with business success, phenomenal growth, and exciting trends!

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