Q3 2020 Part 1: How I Made $250,000 Off 4 Emails

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Today’s episode is one that fills me with excitement.  I made $250,000 off 4 emails and I’m going to share the strategies, mindset and marketing I used so that you can achieve the same in your business.  I know this episode will inspire you, understanding that if I can do this, you can too. 

In this episode, I break down the details of the strategy, mindset and marketing I used while launching the Swift Inner Circle and the Swift Marketing Mastermind.  I talk through details such as why I created a waiting list, the openness of having sales conversations and my daily mindset practises.

It’s so tempting to want the quick secret but I’ll tell you why playing the long game will pay off again and again. There’s nothing more important than serving your people really well and consistency will build trust.  Tune in to part 2 next week to hear about my $115,000 cash month and the strategies, mindset and marketing that got me there.




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