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3 Mindsets I Swear By As CEO & Coach Of A 7 Figure Business

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As a business owner and coach, there is a lot of problem-solving to be done throughout my work day. Whether it’s helping my clients navigate unexpected situations in their business or maintaining the wellbeing of my own team, I’m generally offering a lot of support. So today I wanted to share the three very specific mindsets I swear by as I move through my day with confidence and success as a CEO. 

When it comes to facing unplanned challenges or navigating tricky situations, it’s natural for us to operate out of reactivity. We tend to catastrophise things, which can cause negative energy to transfer to our clients or our team and cause unnecessary stress. 

I take you through each of the three mindsets I’ve adopted to help minimise panic and stress, to maintain health within my business and to operate as the best possible version of myself as a leader:

  • Neutrality: This mindset revolves around the idea that nothing is ever a problem, and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Instead of becoming reactive when faced with challenges, neutrality allows me to approach them as opportunities to find solutions. This allows me to slow down, stay calm, prioritise and make rational decisions in an objective manner. When we stay neutral, it not only benefits our own nervous system, but creates a ripple effect on those in our proximity. 
  • Simplicity: Now, I’ll admit that I’m definitely not a natural when it comes to keeping things simple. However, it’s a mindset I’ve cultivated over time, and simplifying my business model and strategies has been an absolute game-changer. By focusing on clear goals, eliminating distractions and streamlining processes, we create more opportunity to scale, to see revenue to grow and enhance our clients’ experience with us. 
  • Self-Responsibility: I firmly believe that as a CEO, I’m responsible for everything that happens within my company. This mindset extends to all my actions and decisions, and while it sounds like this might add a whole lot of pressure, it in fact does quite the opposite. By knowing what I AM responsible for, I’ve become aware of what I am NOT. This means taking on less of my clients’ issues, their decisions, and even the responsibilities of my own team members. Not only does this release me from taking on board others’ stress, it empowers my team and clients to take ownership of their own actions. This culture of accountability and growth is a powerful force within my business, and I encourage you to model the mindset of self-responsibility to those who look up to you in your business.

I hope this episode gives you some valuable insight into how I operate in my business, and that it empowers you to adopt your own strategies that will see your business move forward sustainably and with success. 


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