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$90K In Sales From Q1 From Her Mastermind Launch with Jen Dalton

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I’m so excited to be joined today by Jen Dalton, a dance business coach and mentor, who has recently achieved $90K in sales in the first quarter of the year. With more than 30 years of experience in dance, during which she has founded, acquired, and sold multiple studios, Jen has developed a wealth of knowledge and a strong passion for her industry. She’s going to share how she built her mastermind, and why she made the shift in the first place. 

Starting a Mastermind
Jen has been very successful running dance studios so the decision to leave and start a mastermind business was not made lightly. As Jen says, it was just a natural evolution. When she began her career she was fueled by a desire to nurture and guide the children she taught. As she transitioned to management, she found a passion for helping other teachers achieve their goals.
Eventually, she found other dance studio managers would approach her for advice or support and realised she wanted to serve them. So she made the shift and now works to help dance studio owners simplify and scale their businesses through her signature framework, the studio scaled method.

Building a Profitable Mastermind
Jen chose to launch her new business with the mastermind as her primary offer. It can be a difficult move to make but she’s been super successful with $70,000 in revenue in her first year and $90,000 in revenue from Q1.
She shares the things that helped her most on this journey, including her experience working with me in the Mastermind Model Program. She credits the program’s clarity, simplicity, and actionable steps for empowering her to create, market, and deliver her mastermind successfully.

Selling with Authenticity:
We discuss Jen’s approach to sales, which prioritises authentic and genuine connection. She views the sales process as an opportunity to listen, understand her clients’ needs deeply, and build relationships based on trust. This lets her identify potential clients that are a good match early on so she can focus on nurturing those relationships. This strategy is how Jen achieved an 80-90% conversion rate on sales calls and built a loyal community.

Jen’s story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and strategic growth. I hope it will inspire you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with courage and determination. 

If it does make sure you remember Jen’s simple advice: Just get started, and enjoy the process. 

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