A Shining Client: How to Show Up When You Don’t Feel Like An Expert with Rachel Kurzyp

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We get told that we need to show up as experts online but often we don’t actually feel like experts, especially when we’re in the early stages of business. I have a phenomenal guest on the podcast today who I’m so excited to introduce to you because she’s going to blow the concept of expert out of the water. 

Rachel Kurzyp is one of my Swift Inner Circle clients, a marketing coach, copywriter, speaker and teacher and is passionate about content marketing. She supports multi-passionate women to build a sustainable and profitable business without having to choose between their passions, compromise their values or use unethical marketing tactics.

In this episode, Rachel talks about redefining what it means to be an expert and flipping the script to tap into the strengths of being new in business. We talk about thought leadership, how to go about creating content, and choosing content to share. We also discuss the clarity gained when you start looking outside yourself and Rachel shares what she believes makes someone really stand out online.


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