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Behind The Scenes: My Anonymous Q&A On My Birth & Maternity Leave Planning

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If you’re new here or missed the update, I’m having my first baby due in June of this year. And as I’ve been getting so many questions about my birth plan and my approach to maternity leave, I recently took to Instagram to do a Q&A. Today, I’m answering the questions I received to give you a behind-the-scenes of my plans, and to help you feel empowered to navigate your season of life on your own terms. 

The questions I’m addressing include: 

Q: What are you manifesting for your birth? 

While I have preferences for birth and have made very considered decisions around it, I also have a mindset of co-creation and trust in the universe. I take you through the medical team I’ve chosen, my thoughts on being flexible and why I’m going private.

Q: Do you wish you could just surrender into motherhood and not work?

Though it appears simple, this question is actually somewhat complex. Every person is unique, and there is no one right way to approach motherhood. For me, what I believe will enhance my ability to be present and provide support to my child will be different for someone else. I discuss my intentions for motherhood and work and how it aligns with who I am as an individual. 

Q: What are your plans for maternity leave and for the business? 

I’ve definitely made plans for the length of my maternity leave and how the business will run after baby’s arrival, which I share all about with you. I talk about how I imagine I’ll use my personal time and the projects I may feel inspired to work on, while acknowledging that as someone who is not yet a mother, I cannot precisely predict how I’m going to feel from one day to the next! 

Q: Will it be harder to work with you once you have a baby?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been intentional about structuring the business so that the model won’t change when I step into motherhood. I take you through the plans I’ve put in place to ensure the same spaces in my programs are available, however am honest about the possibility of things shifting in relation to my client load should my situation call for it. 

I share everything about my plans through the lens of this being my decision. Every woman should feel really empowered to go through this season of life in the way that they want to. 

I hope this episode helps give you permission to make the choices that support you the most and not how anyone else tells you it should be.

Happy listening!

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