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Biz Insights From The Inside: 3 Marketing Strategies to Help You Stand Out Authentically Online and Reach Multi-6 Figures in 2024 with Hazal Ozturk

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With the rise of AI in 2024, breaking through the volume of content online and standing out authentically can feel impossible. So how do you produce engaging content that is unique to you, sets you apart and has the impact you want to create through your work?

On today’s episode, our guest host Hazal Ozturk is here to talk about just that, sharing how she has learnt to engage with her audience in a meaningful way and reach multi-six figures in her business. 

Hazal is a corporate marketer of 10 years turned marketing and business coach for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to scale to multi 6-figures without feeling like they’re faking it, using her “Self, Strategy, Systems” framework. Her coaching company, Hey Hazal, has helped her clients achieve results like multi-6 figure quarters, 13x their profit, leave their 9-5’s, go viral and create a thriving, easeful and authentic online business. She’s also host of her own top charting podcast, The Self-Makers Podcast. 

She takes us through her proven strategies for honing in on authentic messaging, sharing vulnerably and the power of embracing a CEO mindset when fears set in: 

Authentic Marketing

The concept of authenticity in marketing has evolved and is now more crucial than ever. Hazal defines authentic marketing not as sharing every aspect of one’s life, but as sharing content that feels genuine and meaningful. She encourages us to look within to know what to share and how to remain true to ourselves in not crossing our own boundaries.

Effective Messaging and Storytelling

Hazal introduces a four-step process to help businesses fine-tune their messaging: identifying the client’s biggest problems, understanding how these issues manifest in their lives, recognizing unproductive attempts at resolution and offering unique solutions. She shares practical storytelling prompts to help business owners create engaging and authentic content that drives results.

The Importance of Thought Leadership

Owning your thought leadership is pivotal for personal and professional growth. As we grow larger and more influential, it becomes increasingly likely that we will encounter disagreements and even dislike from others. It’s essential to understand that having divisive opinions is okay and part of being a thought leader. By accepting this reality, coaches can better prepare themselves for the inevitable challenges that come with expanding their influence.

Building a Resilient Mindset

Cultivating a solid relationship with oneself is crucial in order to withstand the many challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Hazal highlights that having a grounded and secure sense of self allows us to navigate mindset wobbles, which everyone experiences at every stage of business. By developing resources and support systems, we can hold and understand our feelings better and create the tools to build that resilient mindset.

This is an amazing episode that will help you recalibrate and find fresh ideas to enhance the impact you create with your marketing. 

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to show up in business as your most magnetic, authentic self, click the link below to check out Hazal’s amazing podcast, The Self-Makers Podcast.

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