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Biz Insights From The Inside: The Micro Messaging Shifts I Made To Scale a Multi-6-Figure Offer with Tahryn Bolt

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Today on the podcast, we’re joined by guest host Tahryn Bolt, a marketing and messaging wizard here to share how she skyrocketed her offer to multi-six-figure heights. 

Her secret? Micro messaging!

Tahryn is the wizard behind six-figure coaching business The Social Bolt, where she helps clients embrace their unique blend of magic and do business in a way that works for them. She supports her clients to grow in-demand businesses and call in Beyonce-level clients on repeat using the magic of a simplified strategy, magical marketing and micro-messaging.

In this episode, Tahryn takes us through the tweaks she made in her own micro messaging that supported her to scale, and shares practical strategies we can all implement to connect with our dream clients and stand out in the bustling online arena. 

What is Micro Messaging?

First up, Tahryn defines micro messaging and why it’s the key to everything we do in our businesses. Despite what the online space might have you thinking, you don’t just copy and paste the same messaging across every element in your business. 

Your messaging should change depending on your brand strategy, offers and marketing strategy. This then informs the lead magnets you create, how you write your copy, nurture your community, which offer you sell and how and when you sell them. 

The Bolt 3D Framework

Tahryn takes us through the framework she has developed, which centres on the three essentials elements every business owner should focus on:

  1. Desire: Understanding Your Ideal Client

Understanding your ideal client’s desires is where effective micro messaging really starts. Tahryn advises getting to know your dream clients as if they’re your best friends, understanding both their current struggles and their aspirations. By relating personally to their journey, you can craft messaging that hits home. 

  1. Demand: Positioning Your Offer as Essential:

According to Tahryn, the trick to creating an irresistible demand for your offer is speaking about it more than once. Consistently highlighting how your offer can transform your clients’ businesses and lives is key, and Tahryn explains her approach to marketing and launching her own in-demand offer to ensure it always sells. 

  1. Differentiation: Standing Out From the Crowd:

Your ultimate point of differentiation is you. Without putting your unique spin on things, your content, offers and business will blend into the sea of AI-generated and boring content out there. Tahryn shares how she approaches showcasing her own unique blend of skills and personality, distinguishing herself from many other business coaches in the online space. She encourages us to loudly and proudly share what makes us unique—because that’s what will truly set us apart.

Tahryn’s take on micro messaging is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to refine their communication and scale up their offers. And if you want even more nuggets of gold on all things messaging, check out Tahryn’s podcast How I Do Content via the link below! 


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