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Biz Insights From The Inside: The Top 3 Strategies Working On Facebook Ads Right Now with Jayne Day

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Want the inside scoop on what’s actually working on Facebook Ads right now? 

Today on the podcast, our guest host Jayne Day is sharing her expert advice on how to approach paid ads and the top three strategies you can implement to have them perform at their best for your business.

Jayne is an online marketing consultant and the go-to specialist for Facebook and Instagram advertising. With her business Webonize, she’s a funnel strategist for coaches, consultants and online experts, passionate about helping them build profitable businesses while creating the lifestyle and freedom they most desire.

The strategies she shares with us today are a super helpful guide for anyone looking to optimise their ad campaigns using Meta Ads Manager. 

Holistic Marketing Strategy

Firstly, your ads aren’t a standalone solution for your marketing – they should be a part of a complete holistic strategy. While ads won’t fix a strategy that isn’t working, they will enhance and elevate the results of a strategy that does. For most businesses, a holistic strategy could include lead generation, email marketing and social media marketing along with their ads. 

Jayne takes us through the four stages that are ideal to take your audience through: attraction, engagement, nurturing and converting. She also takes us through the framework she has formulated that will help reach potential clients who don’t yet know about you or your offer. 

Perfecting Your Messaging

Given the noisy online environment and the plethora of competitors, businesses need to craft messages that cut through the clutter and connect with their target audience. Whether in ad copy or on landing pages, your messaging should clearly communicate the benefits and address the problems or desires of potential clients. Jayne takes us through creating well-crafted messaging to not only attract the right audience, but also aid Facebook’s AI in targeting the ads more effectively.

Testing and Ad Types

The third strategy Jayne highlights is the importance of continuously testing different types of ads to see what works best. Factors like ad format—be it videos, images or Reels— and copy length should be regularly tested and tweaked. She shares which types of videos and images are performing best right now, and gives us ideas on creating the most effective sales copy to capture our audience’s attention. 

Bonus Tips for Facebook Ad Optimisation

Bonus round! We hear some great tips on giving Facebook some control over ad display and allowing it to mix and match ad elements that yield better conversion results. Jayne also takes us through some handy settings inside Meta that will help optimise our ads’ performance. 

This episode is jam-packed with some really practical insights that bring clarity to an often confusing advertising platform. So, tune in and get your ads up and running at their most effective today! 

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