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BTS of my decision making process, taking action and being in the liminal space

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Decision making in business is crucial. As leaders, it’s so important for us to be able to make decisions not only for ourselves but also for our team and our clients in order to create a sense of trust. When we are strong in our decision making, we cultivate more safety for those around us, knowing that we are committed and back ourselves in our decisions. 

I recently announced my decision to close down Swift Mind. Little did I know that it would spark so much curiosity about my decision making process! I was blown away by the questions and feedback from our amazing community so this episode is dedicated to those questions, diving deep into my decision making strategy, and sharing insights on the psychology behind it all.

In this episode, I talk about the thin line between feeling stuck and embracing the liminal space. Feeling stuck holds us back, while the liminal space invites us to stay open to what’s next without forcing decisions. By identifying where you stand, you can take the right steps to move forward consciously. I also talk about decision parking and how this practical strategy helps to get me out of overwhelm when I’m faced with multiple decisions. 

Another thing that really helps me in my decision making process is asking myself three questions to determine what is right for me and bringing awareness to my motivation. I share those questions with you today and examples of what this looks like in the context of my decision to close Swift Mind and also some examples from my clients. 

I dive deeper into understanding what serves your highest self, the difference between making decisions out of love versus fear and knowing the way in which you feel what is authentic for you. 

It’s so valuable to understand that we aren’t always meant to have every single answer about our lives at any given moment. Sometimes it’s about learning to navigate the unknown and trusting that the universe is working with us. Whether you’re facing a crossroads, juggling multiple choices, or simply wondering how to find your way in the unknown, I know you’re going to get so much value from this conversation today. 


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