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Building A Million Dollar Mastermind Arm of Business with Emma Green of Your CEO Mentor

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I’m delighted to introduce you to my incredible guest today, Emma Green, the founder of Your CEO Mentor and an absolute powerhouse in the leadership and coaching space. We’re talking today about Emma’s experience building a million-dollar mastermind arm of her business. Emma’s insights into creating, selling, and delivering her mastermind are invaluable, and in this episode, she walks us through the steps that led to her impressive business growth.

After recognising a need to diversify the product suite in her business, Emma found my podcast and quickly signed up for The Mastermind Model. We talk about how this experience impacted the development of her mastermind and the importance of focusing on the outcomes and benefits rather than getting lost in the nuts and bolts of a mastermind program. 

One of the burning questions around masterminds is their profitability. Emma generously discusses the profitability of her mastermind model, breaking down the costs, highlighting the minimal overhead expenses and how a well-structured mastermind can yield a gross margin of over 50%. Emma also projects the potential for her mastermind to become a million-dollar product in the near future.

A key contributor to Emma’s mastermind success is her customer-centric approach. She explains the significance of tailoring the mastermind experience to her clients’ needs and creating a seamless transition within her product stack. Her ability to adapt the delivery process based on feedback and evolving client requirements is a testament to her commitment to providing immense value. 

An element that many business owners gloss over is the importance of tailoring a mastermind to your ideal client. And because Emma did this, selling it was a no brainer. Emma shares how minimal sales and marketing efforts were needed because she already had an established client base who trusted her, knowing that anything she delivered would be worth signing up for.

Emma’s journey into a profitable mastermind showcases the transformative power of this business model. Her dedication to delivering value and her focus on the customer experience are key takeaways for anyone looking to venture into the world of masterminds. I know you’re going to get so much value from this conversation. 


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