Lessons learned from 2021 – Top 5 biz takeaways to help you scale into 2022

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Today I’m going to share the top 6 biz takeaways from 2021 to help you scale into 2022. These are a mix of things that I have learned this year and from my clients, along with past experiences I’ve had in my four years of business.

First off, I’ll share 3 key takeaways I’ve learned from my business that I know you’ll find really useful. I have adopted and understood that the more spaciousness I create, the better my business runs. I can do this by continuing to grow my business and not having to work 40 hour work weeks. I’ll run you through how I’ve managed to achieve this in a way that still allows for abundance. 

I’ll talk about how making a million is a game of consistency over intensity. The consistency around showing up, building my audience, focusing on offers, and honing my craft. The day-to-day tasks in my business helped me to get here, it wasn’t just one big publicity deal. The third significant learning I made was my business doesn’t thrive under pressure. The more pressure I create, the more things start to suffer. 

I’ll then share with you 3 more concepts I’ve learned through my clients. This valuable list includes less is more, expectations ruin everything, and fostering a love of marketing with strategy and mindset. You’ll learn how to scale your business into 2022 to create amazing results. You can apply this list immediately to build a sustainable, successful, soul led and enjoyable business.





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