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Mastermind Myths Unlocked

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Today, I’m bringing you this episode from the launch of The Mastermind Model! It’s perfect timing, as I’ve been having so many conversations with my community on the different beliefs around masterminds. 

You may have been told certain things about masterminds or heard them online, and unfortunately a lot of ideas that get around aren’t necessarily true. So, today I’m going to debunk some common myths surrounding masterminds. 

Myth #1: A Mastermind is All About the Peer Experience with No Curriculum or Learning

Contrary to popular belief, a best practice mastermind incorporates both a peer experience and a curriculum or learning component. We’ll explore why relying solely on the peer experience is risky, and why they make our clients’ ROI’s hard to track. I also talk through just how crucial it is to be crystal clear about your ideal clients’ outcome and offer a hybrid experience, where your role is as facilitator AND coach or mentor. 

Myth #2: A Mastermind Can Only Be Business-to-Business (B2B)

While there is a blurred line between what constitutes a mastermind and a group program, it is possible to have a business-to-consumer (B2C) mastermind. The key distinction lies in the focus and structure of the program. I talk through the differences between the two, and explain how to define your program to align with the expectations of your target audience.

Myth #3: A Mastermind Can’t Provide the Same Level of Service or Results as One-to-One Coaching

I truly used to believe that one of the reasons I couldn’t transition from one-to-one to a mastermind was that I couldn’t possibly help my clients get as good results. However, I quickly found that to be completely untrue. Not only did the mastermind actually reduce the amount of time I spent providing information to clients, I actually saw my clients achieve better results than in the one-to-one coaching setting. I give you the insights on how you can reach more people without spending more time or sacrificing the quality of your service through masterminds. 

Myth #4: Holding Space for More People in a Mastermind Means More Work

Now, I have a real-life example for you to debunk this prevalent myth. While brainstorming with my husband on ideas for this episode, he immediately said, “People need to know that you can work with more people, but it’s less work.” How was he so sure of this? Well, he saw it happen for me! When you have this container that is set for scale, you have the opportunity to utilise the power of the group and the systems that you create – something we teach you all about throughout The Mastermind Model.

Myth #5: It’s Hard to Sell a Mastermind in 2024

Given the current economic and market conditions, so many people believe that selling a mastermind in 2024 is challenging. While it’s true that the landscape is evolving, it is still possible to sell and thrive with a mastermind. The key lies in having an exceptional offer that addresses your ideal clients’ specific challenges and desires. We’ll explore different strategies you can implement to ensure that you have clearly identified the problem you are solving for your ideal clients and that your offer aligns with their needs. 

A mastermind is an amazing way to support and scale your business, and I encourage you to explore how you can incorporate this model to not only get better results for your clients, but to achieve more time and freedom in your every day!

Note: If you’re listening to this episode on release day, it’s your last day to join The Mastermind Model, so click the link below and join us today. Or, if you’re tuning in after today during May 2024, make sure to send me a DM on Instagram and I will let you in late! 

Happy listening!

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