Part 2: Launch Not Going to Plan? Here’s The Strategy & Marketing to Adopt

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Heads up to all you lovely listeners out there: If you have not listened to Part 1 of this episode yet, please don’t go any further before you do so. This episode continues on from my previous episode where I discussed the mindset to adopt if your launch isn’t going to plan.

In this episode, Part 2, I follow on from talking about mindset to discuss the strategy and marketing to adopt if you’re in the thick of a launch and you haven’t generated the sales you hoped for. 

I share a few of my favourite strategies that will be easy for you to implement right now, including creating a sense of urgency, tweaking your messaging where needed and inviting people on to calls in order to foster a relationship with potential clients. 

I hope this 2 part series has been really helpful with some practical tips for those of you who are in the thick of an online launch. Even if you’re not currently launching, the mindset, strategy and marketing tools I’ve shared will certainly equip you for a successful launch in the future.




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