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Shining Client: How Jaci’s Self Exploration Led to A Full Time Business, with Jaci Rogash

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I’m so excited to share this episode with you today as I speak with my beautiful friend and client, Jaci Rogash, about her deep healing journey, the power of coaching and how this discovery led to a full time successful business.

Jaci is a certified Transformation Coach, writer and speaker who helps amazing humans overcome adversity and live the lives they’ve been dreaming of by discovering what is most important to them. Through 1-1 and group coaching experiences, Jaci helps her clients move through self doubt, self sabotage, fear of judgement and unhealthy subconscious patterns so they can discover a genuine happiness they’ve never known.

No stranger to trauma, Jaci was a victim of bullying, sexual assault and family violence. In this episode, Jaci shares her story of adversity, how it led her to business and the mindset she navigated to start her business. We discuss exactly what she’s done to go full time and the strategies she repeats again and again to maintain consistency and success in her business.

Jaci shares about her daily mindset practises and some really beautiful journaling questions that you’ll definitely want to write down. Grab a pen and paper, a comfy chair and a nice drink for this one. You’re going to love it


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