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That Time I Signed Up To A Terrible Mastermind + What I Learnt

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I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories about less-than-desirable mastermind experiences. Unfortunately, these poorly delivered masterminds have given our industry a bad rap, and while I’m not one to gossip, I’ve got a personal story to share that I believe holds some crucial lessons. In this episode, I’m talking about the time I signed up to a terrible mastermind and share with you the valuable lessons I learnt from the experience.

Around two years ago, I decided to join a mastermind that turned out to be the worst financial investment I’ve ever made – and somehow also NOT the worst. While I had been running my own masterminds for a couple of years, I decided to join another program to gain a fresh perspective and continue improving my own offerings. And boy, did I learn a thing or two!

From basically being ghosted by the person running the mastermind to being incorrectly charged hundreds of dollars, this mastermind came with a significant number of red flags. The overall lack of engagement and support left me feeling invisible and disheartened. I weighed up whether or not to request a refund, but eventually decided to stick with it. And I can honestly say I’m glad I did. 

My experience in this mastermind was far from ideal, but it had a silver lining. It reinforced my belief in the importance of delivering exceptional value and support to my own mastermind participants. It also drove home the significance of effective communication and genuine care for clients. 

After a truly disappointing experience, I was proud of the systems and processes in my own mastermind model and became even more confident in what I had to offer to my valued clients. I take you through the lessons I learnt and encourage you to take them on board for yourself, whether you’re running a mastermind, looking to start one or interested in becoming a participant. 

If you’ve had a bad mastermind experience, I absolutely feel you. However, if we can take our negative experiences and turn them into good, our industry and the lives of those we serve will only become better for it.


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