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The REAL Way to Create Freedom As A Coach, Creative or Consultant

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Today’s episode is a special one, being the very first of the newly rebranded podcast. I’m so excited to dive a little deeper into the purpose of rebranding to Scalable Freedom, and share a bit of a personal update for where I’m at in 2024. In line with the new direction of the show, I’m also taking you through the REAL way to create freedom as a coach, creative or consultant. 

The biggest problem I hear from people is that while they want to scale their business, they also want to create the freedom to spend time enjoying life. As a business owner, I’m sure you can relate. So, what do you want your next five or ten years to look like? And how do you find the balance to have both growth and freedom? In this episode, I’ll take you through the three key concepts you can implement to create scalable, sustainable freedom:

1. Mindset

Asking yourself good questions about what you actually want is so useful. Freedom is a personal and unique thing, and it can look different for everyone. It could involve travelling first class, feeling financially secure or buying that Chanel bag you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, take the time to identify and define what freedom means to you. I promise it will be so much easier to create a business that supports your specific desires once you know what the dream looks like. 

2. Strategy

Do you have the business model right now that truly supports the freedom you want to create? Every business is unique, as are its requirements to deliver exceptional services to your clients. For example, a mastermind model may require a balance between delivery and marketing, while with a consultancy, you’ll spend more time on operations and building out a team. I encourage you to sit down and consider how you could switch gears if necessary, to ensure your everyday actions align with the type of business you want to create.

3. Marketing

Where people tend to go wrong with marketing is buying heavily into trends and not thinking enough about how to create systems that work for them on repeat. Think of your marketing as an engine in your business, where you focus on repurposing content, establishing good processes and delegating tasks to help save you time and energy. Is your marketing taking up more of your time than it should? How could things improve so that not only are you supported, but you’re consistently attracting clients to your business?

Remember, the decisions you make today are going to support that long term freedom in your business for years to come. So join me today and learn all about how you can create a business that builds a reputation, builds a brand and scales itself!

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