The Value Ladder Explained

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The value ladder is a topic I discuss with my Masterminders and something I always come back to when thinking about next steps in my business to ensure I’m making the best decisions for my clients and myself.  So today, I’m breaking it down so that you can utilise it in your business too. 

In this solo episode, I talk about what the value ladder is, why I use this process with my clients and how you can use it within your business too. I share some examples of how I use the value ladder within my business to match where my ideal client is depending on where they’re at in the customer journey. 

If you’re currently building your business or at a crossroads and restructuring in some way, this episode will be particularly useful for you. If your business is going strong, this way of thinking will help you when you’re making any further changes down the track. Let’s dive in.


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