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Wealth expansion, different revenue streams & manifestation with Suzie Agelopoulos

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I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s wonderful guest, Suzie Agelopoulos, an expert in the Airbnb business and wealth expansion. In our conversation, we delve into Suzie’s journey from working as a waitress to becoming a seven-figure entrepreneur in less than five years. We discuss changing belief systems around money, growing your wealth and how to manifest the life of your dreams.  

Suzie’s story is an incredibly inspiring one, where she went from making less than $60K a year in hospitality to building a six-figure Airbnb business in under two years. She talks about the low point in her life at age 34, triggered by feeling unfulfilled in her work, and the path she took to upturning her life to find her true calling. 

Quitting her waitressing job and embarking on a time of travel and soul-searching, Suzie had a chance encounter with a couple who were funding their own travels through a successful Airbnb rental. Their advice sparked her interest in the business model, which was fairly unheard of a decade ago. Suzie’s intuition drew her to spring into action and list her own rented apartment on the platform, which was an instant and surprising success. 

Suzie quickly replaced her income with her new business venture, and today she shares how her beliefs around money soon began to change. We discuss how our upbringing can often influence the way we think about our finances, and Suzie talks about eventually trusting her own inner knowing over the nay-saying advice of her family. We discuss rejecting our own limiting self-beliefs in order to unlock the potential that lies within each of us. 

Suzie’s success with her first Airbnb venture eventually led her to create multiple income streams, which now sees her living a life of limitless possibilities and financial freedom. She attributes her incredible accomplishments to the power of manifestation, and her consistent practice of calling her desires into being. We discuss the role astrology plays in both our lives, and how approaching it through a playful lens brings so much joy and inspiration to our business endeavours. 

The transformation Suzie has experienced in her business and personal life is such an awe-inspiring testament to the power of intuition, unwavering belief and the practice of manifestation. If you’re looking to break free from your own limitations and embrace new possibilities for your life and business, then you won’t want to miss this episode!



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